At Long Last...the Sequel to Sister of Mine is Coming!

It's been a while in the making, but my new book Let Me Fly, the sequel to Sister of Mine, is due to publish in October of 2018. Much more to come as the book get closer to publication. here's a teaser...

Adelaide Kaltenbach and Rachel Mannheim, once mistress and slave, fought a war to be sisters. Now that the war is over, they discover that a new fight is just beginning.

Adelaide, married to a Georgia cotton planter, never dreamed that she would side with the Union or the Freedmen's Bureau. In Cass County, just after the Civil War, she's done both. Her school for the county's black children has earned her the warm appreciation of Captain Lewis Hart, Union War hero and Bureau agent, and the animosity of her Confederate neighbors and former friends.

Her half-sister Rachel, no longer Adelaide's slave, used to dream of being free. Free to marry. Free to make a living. Free to educate her daughter Eliza. But after emancipation, freedom remains elusive--and risky. When Rachel buys a hundred acres of cotton land in Cass County, with the help of the Bureau's dashing black lawyer Daniel Pereira, she becomes the target of the just-formed Ku Klux Klan.

As the newly free struggle to reconstruct their lives, will Adelaide find the resolve to stand for freedom? And will Rachel find the courage to follow her heart?