Thank You, Lake Union Publishing!

As with many authors these days, my first novel, titled at the time Slave and Sister, was originally a self-published effort. When it did well, I was delighted—and when Lake Union Publishing, part of the greater family of Amazon, took note and inquired if I’d be interested in publishing with them, I was even more delighted.

I had done pretty well in finding readers for a first-time self-published author, but working with Lake Union offered the opportunity to reach a much wider universe. I was glad to take that opportunity, and late in 2015, Lake Union acquired my book.

Lake Union has made changes, but they have all been for the better. The book acquired a new title, Sister of Mine, which should resonate with that wider audience we are all hoping for. It has a new cover, which is haunting and beautiful (no spoilers! I’ll let Lake Union do the reveal). And while the story is unchanged, the text has gotten a sensitive and attentive edit that has made the language livelier and better.

I have many people to thank—Danielle Marshall, acquisitions editor, who first saw the book’s potential; editor Miriam Juskowicz, who has carefully shepherded the book through the publication process; my thoughtful copyeditor, whose full name I don’t know; my eagle-eyed proofreader, ditto; and the cover designer, who found the wonderful image for the cover. I have yet to work much with the marketing team, but I look forward to their efforts as well.

It was a great experience to write a novel. It is even better when readers discover it (and buy it!). I’m delighted with what Lake Union Publishing has done for the book so far, and I look forward eagerly to the next stage in the book’s journey.