A Post-Election Glimmer of Light

When I got up on the morning after the presidential election, I was feeling disheartened. This campaign has been hard to watch, from start to finish, whatever your political affiliation. But I had a pleasanter surprise on that post-election morning.

My second book, Freedom’s Island, ordinarily gets much less attention than my first, Sister of Mine. But on November 8th and 9th, readers found Freedom’s Island, borrowed it, and read it with such intensity that it’s showing a spike in pages read that I’ve never seen before.

Freedom’s Island, set in 1886, is the story of an all-black Mississippi town that stands up to intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan, led by a man who lets go the bitterness of his past. It’s a tale of courage and hope in the face of hatred, and in a shadowed moment in the present, I hope that it can offer readers a glimmer of light.

With that hope in mind, I’m discounting the e-book to $2.99 for the remainder of 2016. Please take a look at it. We need more glimmers of light.