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Winner of the 2017 Audie Award for Fiction

Adelaide Mannheim and her slave Rachel share a shameful secret. Adelaide’s father, a Jewish planter in Cass County, Georgia, is Rachel’s father, too. Adelaide marries neighboring planter Henry Kaltenbach, a Jew deeply troubled by slavery, and watches with a wary eye as her husband treats all of his slaves—including Rachel—with kindness. As the country’s conflict over slavery looms ever larger, Henry and Rachel fall in love, and as the United States is rent by the Civil War, the lives of mistress and slave are torn apart. When the war brings destruction and Emancipation, can these two women, made kin by slavery, free themselves of the past to truly become sisters?

Powerfully evoking an era of slavery and war, Slave and Sister is a story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and freedom.

An original and superbly written story . . .engaging and solidly entertaining from first page to last.
— Midwest Book Review
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Historical novelist Sabra Waldfogel, author of Slave and Sister and Freedom’s Island, grew up far from the South in Minneapolis. She studied history at Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in American History from the University of Minnesota, and since then, has been fascinated by the drama of slavery and freedom during the Civil War, and Reconstruction. In her free time, not tired of history, she collects antiques and helps her husband sell them.